Dangerous Lovers by RVantaire


Loving the wrong person can be – well – deadly. Set in the beauty, magic and romance of New Orleans,
first time novelist RVantaire spins a story of explosive romance. Jasmine Banks is a contemporary
powerhouse with a group of girlfriends who are each dynamic, bold and professional women. Yet, each
have their own tales of love gained and love lost, especially Jasmine. When the enchanting Michael Kane
disrupts an evening of celebration and letting loose, Jasmine soon learns that disruption is the least of what he brings.

In DANGEROUS LOVERS, RVantaire paints an enraging story of a woman lured by erotic satisfaction
despite the red flags waving like huge banners in her life. Despite the warnings of her friends Michael’s
best friend, she is determined to ignore the blares of her heart, almost losing her life in the process.

Jasmine Banks is a beautiful, talented woman who is not lucky in the heart’s affair. The betrayal of her father sets the tone for how she sees men. She builds a wall, vowing to never let a man get close enough to hurt her again. Until she meets Michael Kane, a smooth-talking lady’s man who left Chicago and moved to New Orleans to start a new life. Jasmine is playing Russian roulette when she falls in love with Michael. Jasmine does not know what she’s getting herself into when she gets involved with Michael. The betrayal, lies, and murder, will she survive this rollercoaster?

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Dangerous Lovers by RVantaire
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